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Pre-activity exercise programme shown to reduce injury risk

Published in the BJSM, a recent control trial assessed a pre-activity movement exercise intervention to reduce the incidence of rugby related injuries in schoolboys.

Major findings demonstrated that completing the intervention programme 3 times a week led to substantial reductions of injuries.

31 schools and 83 teams aged 15, 16 and 18 were used in the trial. They were randomly allocated to either an intervention or control group.

Both programmes contained 4 phases, beginning with their preseason training and were completed during the first 20 minutes of training or match warm up. The intervention group contained balance and perturbation training, resistance and plyometric training, sport specific landing, cutting and technique reinforcement. The control group contained exercises of stretching, mobility, change of direction and speed.

Completing the intervention programme 3 times per week led to substantial reductions of 72% in overall match injury incidence and 72% in contact-related injury incidence compared with the control programme. View the full article with a sample of the exercise programme at

COPA 2017

COPA 2017 will be at the ExCeL, London on the 7th & 8th June and promises to be the trade event of the year for professionals from the rehabilitation sector.

Focusing on providing the best practice growth advice and showcasing the latest development and cutting edge technology from the field, COPA is Europe’s leading event for rehabilitation professionals.

Free tickets are available to all our members.

The BASRaT Running Guide

Share our essential new guide with your patients or colleagues - it will benefit both beginners and experienced runners.

BASRaT has just published the running guide which will help experienced runners to improve, giving tips to work on technique and improve ability. The guide also provides all you need to know for those who have never run before.

Covering training, distance, intensity, training planning, technique, strength training and injury prevention - this guide will enable users to start training safely, avoid injury and improve overall technique and performance.

FIFA warm-up programme proven to reduce injuries

A recent investigation looked at the effect of the FIFA 11 and 11+ injury prevention programmes in football.

Football is a widely popular sport played by an estimated 250 million people around the world. As footballers incur many injuries, FIFA developed the injury prevention programmes to reduce the risk of injury in players. The FIFA 11+ is the updated version of the FIFA 11 containing additional exercises.

The review looked at the effect of specific exercise-based football injury prevention programmes on the overall injury rate in football.

This systematic review and meta-analysis used 6 randomised controlled trials, comparing the use of the 11 and 11+ programmes with a control group among recreational or sub elite footballers, with the primary outcome looking at injury incidence.

The primary outcome demonstrated a 25% overall injury incidence reduction per 1000 hours of exposure in the FIFA injury prevention programmes group, compared to the control group. The total injury incidence for the intervention group was 3.99 injuries per 1000 hours compared to 5.57 for the control group. The secondary outcome demonstrated a reduction in lower limb injuries in favour of the FIFA 11+ programme, specifically; the hamstring, hip/groin, knee and ankle.

This is an excellent review demonstrating the importance of a complete warm up programme for athletes and recreational players to reduce injury rate. This programme can also be adopted and adapted across a wide range of sports. As Sport Rehabilitators this is a crucial element to ensure players remain healthy and injury free during the season.

The FIFA 11+ warm-up programme can be found here:

Thorburg, K., Kuhn Krommes, K., Esteve, E., Bek Clausen, M., Bartels, E. and Rathleff, M. (2017). Effect of specific exercise-based football injury prevention programmes on the overall injury rate in football: a systematic review and meta-analysis of the FIFA 11 and 11+ programmes. British Journal of Sports Medicine (51)7: pp. 562-571

BMJ study shows that cycling to work lowers your chance of dying

A study published recently in the BMJ has shown that cycling to work can considerably lower your chances of dying.

It was found that cycling to work was associated with a 41% lower risk of dying overall compared to commuting by car or public transport. Cycle commuters had a 52% lower risk of dying from heart disease and a 40% lower risk of dying from cancer. They also had 46% lower risk of developing heart disease and a 45% lower risk of developing cancer at all.

The study looked at 263,450 people with an average age of 53 who were either in paid employment or self-employed, and didn’t always work at home. The commuters were grouped into five categories: non-active; walking only; cycling; mixed-mode walking; and mixed-mode cycling.

The study followed people for around five years, counting the incidences of heart disease, cancers and death, adjusting for other health influences including sex, age, deprivation, ethnicity, smoking, body mass index, other types of physical activity, time spent sitting down and diet. Any potential differences in risk associated with road accidents was also accounted for, while participants were excluded who had existing heart disease.

St Mary’s Uni staff and students make a difference at the Marathon

We are very proud to say thank you to the 60 Sport Rehabilitation students and 7 staff from St Mary’s Uni who volunteered their time and amazing skills at the London Marathon on Sunday.

Claire McLoughlin supervised the students alongside 7 staff members to help the recovery of runners at the Marathon. In total they gave 350 massages to 700 legs and worked over a 12 hour period for 16 charities!

Well done St Mary’s.

Official launch of The Daily Mile in Wales Today

Sporting stars and public health experts are joining forces today to officially launch The Daily Mile in Wales. Team GB weightlifter Michaela Breeze and sprinter Christian Malcolm, adventurer Tori James, Public Health Minister Rebecca Evans, founder of The Daily Mile Elaine Wyllie, and head of physical activity at Public Health Wales Robert Sage, will officially launch the initiative at Pontllanfraith Primary School in Blackwood.

The Caerphilly primary school is the latest school in Wales to sign up to The Daily Mile – an easy, fun way to improve children’s health and wellbeing. The initiative sees primary-aged children run, walk or jog for 15 minutes every day in school. It is inclusive, simple and free, with no equipment or set up required.

Christian Malcolm, World and European 200m Medallist, said:

"Within a month the children are much fitter, and feel happier and more confident in themselves. By instilling these healthy habits at a young age, we're helping our children to live full and healthy lives."

End PJ paralysis

Trending on twitter in the healthcare world is the hashtag #EndPJparalysis

Healthcare professionals across the country are beginning to recognise the importance of getting patients up, dressed and getting them active. This social media campaign is trying to raise awareness of the harm of deconditioning caused by bed rest:

  • One week of bed rest results in 10% of muscle loss
  • 10 days of bed rest in hospital is equivalent to 10 years of muscle ageing in people over 80 years old
  • Two days of bed rest leads to 2-5% loss of muscle strength
  • Patients have increased risk of infection, and loss of aerobic function

All the factors above can make the difference between dependence and independence. Getting patients active can help maintain both their physical and their mental health which can be imperative in helping to reduce hospital stay time. Preventing deconditioning is crucial for patient safety, wellbeing and reducing the risk of further infection or illness. Maintaining mobility and muscle strength can make the difference in a patient’s recovery.

Sport Rehabilitators can help to get people moving again. Ending PJ paralysis is important because it is not only the elderly population who decondition; any patient or athlete who may require periods of rest and inactivity will become deconditioned and experience atrophy. Therefore, recognising this and getting patients back on their feet, maintaining mobility and getting active is a pivotal part of recovery. "Use it or lose it".

Professor Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer in England is backing this new campaign to get patients active. Article Here

Share BASRaT’s 'Find a Practitioner' link or get involved at #EndPJparalysis

Olympian describes how Sport Rehabilitator helped him towards his gold win

Three time gold Olympic medal winner, Ed Clancy credits Sport Rehabilitator

Ed Clancy won his third cycling gold medal in the Team Pursuit at the 2016 Rio Olympics. He may not have been there if it hadn’t been for the dedication of his medical team, including Sport Rehabilitator Hannah Crowley.

Ed said that Hannah was involved from beginning. Ed stated

"I had my initial prolapse Hannah was my first point of contact. I was in touch with Hannah three to four times a day, before and after being on the bike."

"After surgery I had two weeks at home and then was driven into Manchester on a flat bed. I saw Hannah three times a week for manipulation."

"Hannah and the medical team were crucial to my recovery. Hannah listened and evaluated and monitored my progress and put together a core stability programme."

Ed goes on to say

"The team almost became my coaches more than my own training coach. They stated what training my back could and couldn’t cope with. It made a massive difference and was on the forefront on my mind to mention the team after my win."

"Without the medical team, between the 3 of them….. I spent more time with them and was led by how much training my back could and couldn't cope with. Hannah was my 'go to' person."

Sport Rehabilitator Hannah Crowley stated

“It was a whole medical team effort. My main responsibility was his off bike rehabilitation. Ed was fantastic to work with, he put a significant amount of hard work into his rehab to strengthen his back post-surgery enabling him to support his position on the bike.”

Ankle Sprain Management and Chronic Instability

This BJSM podcast from Dr Eammon Delahunt is based on chronic ankle instability (CAI) and is a worthwhile listen. Ankle injuries have a 14% prevalence in male professional association football, they also account for 25% of all injuries in NCAA basketball and volleyball.

This podcast is highly informative and contains an overview of the features, mechanism of injury and signs for CAI. It also contains the management for a sustained ankle injury. Furthermore, a brief discussion of the modified Ottawa Rules and lateral ligament laxity assessments. The use of taping and bracing to reduce the rate of rear foot inversion is also discussed in this BJSM podcast.

The two main diagnostic techniques to assess the integrity of the lateral ligament complex are the anterior drawer test and Ottawa rules.

Following a lateral ankle sprain, balance and postural control is reduced bilaterally so training postural control on both limbs is important. For example, hopping and landing exercises with cushioned landings. Progressions include a more dynamic step forward, or taking off and landing on the injured limb. Distance and environment can be modified, for example, landing on an uneven surface or responding to a stimulus e.g. kicking a ball.

Ankle sprain management and chronic instability (2017) British Journal of Sports Medicine (released 10 February 2017) [podcast: BJSM]. Available at: Here

Rare Disease Day - 28th Feb 2017

Rare Disease Day is a public health initiative to raise awareness about rare diseases and their impact on patients’ lives. It takes place on the last day of February every year.

Get involved with Rare Disease Day by exploring the links below and spread the word to your fellow clinicians about this public health initiative.

Myofibrillar myopathies are a group of rare genetic neuromuscular disorders that may be diagnosed in childhood but most often appear after 40 years of age. These conditions are highly variable but are characterised by a slowly progressive muscle weakness that can involve skeletal and smooth muscle. Some signs and symptoms include: muscle stiffness, aching, cramps or atrophy. Some patients may also experience: pain, loss of sensation, inability to control muscles or cardiomyopathy.

Find out more about this and other rare diseases at The NORD Online Physician Guides provides resources for clinicians about certain rare disorders, which may help you within your practice as a Sport Rehabilitator.

Front Line Medical Communications also provide information about rare diseases for healthcare professionals. View recent publications at

Impressive student wins prize for achievement

This year’s Bill McLoughin prize has been awarded to Judith Firth, the prize recognises outstanding achievement.

Judith studied at the University of Bolton and completed a three year Honours degree in Sport Rehabilitation. Judith has set up her own clinic JB MSK Manual Therapies where she is treating clients with sporting and non-sporting injuries and conditions.

Judith praised her course "My degree was exciting and challenging and provided me with a broad range of skills and knowledge that I could apply to both sporting and non-sporting contexts. There was an emphasis on practical application, I especially enjoyed working with a range of clients and a wide variety of conditions."

Judith’s placements were very varied, she built up experience treating both acute and chronic conditions and developed a range of skills including the use of Hydrotherapy and Pilates in rehabilitation. Judith worked at Bolton Wanderers Football Academy which greatly improved her ability to diagnose and treat acute sporting injuries.

Alongside her private clinic, Judith is still working for Bolton Wanders Football Club Academy. She is continuing to further her knowledge with a wide variety of courses including ‘stages of rehabilitation for football injuries’ and courses in Pilates and Acupuncture.

Incredible score from prize winning student

Torah Browne has won the LFC Graybrook prize for achieving the highest marks on a BASRaT undergraduate degree, Torah’s exam result was an impressive 89%.

Torah stated

"I am shocked to win! The course was amazing, I loved how practical it was. I got an opportunity to work with loads of different people in a variety of sports."

The LFC Graybrook prize recognises outstanding achievement. Torah attended Middlesex University and completed a three year Honours degree in Sport Rehabilitation. Torah completed her second year in California.

Torah went on to say

"All my lecturers supported me during my course and kept in contact whilst I was away. I had some invaluable experiences, I enjoyed working with different clients, it was challenging working with a variety of people and sports.

Torah is now doing a masters in Physiotherapy at Brunel. Torah is pictured with Steve Aspinall, BASRaT Chairman.

Podcast from Pain Coach, Richmond Stace

How the first contact with a patient can be the most important moment of all

Steve Aspinall (BASRaT) speaks to Richmond Stace @painphysio about the importance of compassion and active listening in the treatment of pain.

Richmond will present the keynote speech at this year's Symposium, covering an in-depth look at the topics explored in this podcast. You can view the full conference programme here.

Listen to the podcast here

Inspirational initiative with massive health benefits for children

Steve Aspinall, BASRAT Chairman speaks to the daily mile founder Elaine Wylie on BJSM’s podcast.

This simple game changing initiative provides massive public health benefits though a simple philosophy of non-competitive outdoor fun for all children regardless of age, gender, ability or socioeconomic background. Over the last 20 years the increasing toll of sedentary behaviour on young people’s physical and mental wellbeing is a well-documented phenomenon. Different policy initiatives have failed to tackle the problem.

There are so many benefits of children completing the daily mile including increased attention, building self esteem and fitter, healthier children.

Listen to Steve and Elaine discuss this inspirational initiative and find out how you can get involved here.

Walking for Health scheme advocated by BASRaT Lay Member, Dr John Morgan

Physical inactivity as a public health problem is comparable to smoking, increasing the risk of serious conditions such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. It also heightens the burden on healthcare professionals, leading to expanding costs and lengthening waiting times.

Dr John Morgan has been recommending the clinical use of physical activity, like walking, for a number of years.

John states “By helping patients to get and stay active we have noticed 30% to 50% reductions in hypertension, ischemic heart disease, dementia and depression.”

Using physical activity referrals can help empower patients to take control of their health.

Read the full article at

BASRaT endorses an Agreement on FAI syndrome alongside 24 other clinical societies.

The 2016 Warwick Agreement on femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) syndrome was convened to build an international, multidisciplinary consensus on the diagnosis and management of patients with FAI syndrome.

FAI syndrome is a motion-related clinical disorder of the hip with a triad of symptoms, clinical signs and imaging findings. It represents symptomatic premature contact between the proximal femur and the acetabulum.

22 panel members and 1 patient from 9 countries and 5 different specialties participated in a 1-day consensus meeting on 29 June 2016. The 2016 Warwick Agreement on FAI syndrome is an international multidisciplinary agreement on diagnosis, treatment principles and key terminology. To reach a diagnosis, patients should have appropriate symptoms, positive clinical signs and imaging findings. Suitable treatments are conservative care, rehabilitation, and arthroscopic or open surgery.


Olympic Joy for Sport Rehabilitator

Sport Rehabilitator, Hannah Crowley was praised yesterday by Ed Clancy after winning gold at Rio.

Ed Clancy won his third gold medal as part of the men’s team pursuit in a nail-biting race against Australia.

Ed personally mentioned Hannah and his doctor after the race. His medical team have put in over 1000 hours to rehabilitate his back after surgery for a slipped disc.

Congratulations to the team and all those who work with British cycling; we look forward to enjoying more races over the next few days.

Come on the Knights!

Sport Rehabilitator, Lindsay Whitaker is cheering on her team in the play offs. Rugby Union side, the Doncaster Knights are through to the Championship play off finals later this month.

Lindsay took time out to update us on life with the Knights -

How is the atmosphere at the club at the moment?

"The atmosphere is incredible, there's such a buzz around the place. Everyone is excited for the first leg at home on 18th May. Training is going well, and luckily we don't have too many long term injured players left so the squad is pretty much all together in every training session."

Why do you think they have done so well this season?

"There is a great sense of family amongst the team, and that unity throughout the whole season has been key. The coaching staff are exceptional and we have extended the medical department slightly. Also having Sport Rehabilitator students from the University of Salford has helped as we've been able to offer more recovery soft tissue work and look at preventing more injuries, as well as giving the injured players longer treatment and rehab time which is leading to quicker recovery times."
How are you feeling about the playoffs?
"I can't wait, they will be the biggest games I've been involved in. If the crowd is anything like our semi-final game, it will be an amazing day."

The Doncaster Knights will play Bristol at home and away on the 18th and 25th of May respectively. We wish the Knights and Lindsey the best of luck for these two games.

Outstanding student wins prize for top grades

Kyle Simpson has won the LFC Graybrook prize for achieving the highest marks on a BASRaT undergraduate degree.

The LFC Graybrook prize was initiated in 2013 to recognise outstanding achievement. Kyle attended the University of St Mark and St John and completed a three year Honours degree in Sport Rehabilitation. Kyle is now running his own clinic 'KS Sports Therapy' which offers both rehabilitation and personal training.

"I enjoyed the hands on aspect of my course and the fact that the skills I learned were directly transferable to my job. I also enjoyed the expert teaching and various volunteering opportunities I undertook, particularly my 3 years spent working with the Plymouth Argyle Football Club first team.


"I love the fact that I get to help people with Sports Rehabilitation, as well as the fact that I see a variety of issues so my job is constantly stimulating. I really enjoy running my own clinic and will hopefully give something back to the profession which has been very good to me."


"Kyle really deserves this prize and the recognition. Kyle was an excellent, hardworking student and embraced every opportunity offered to him on the degree programme."

Tutor Sarah Caxton

GMC updates its referral guidelines for GP's to include Sport Rehabilitators on the BASRaT accredited register

The Professional Standards Authority, the overseeing body for the Accredited Registers, announced earlier this month that the General Medical Council has amended its explanatory guidance on Good Medical Practice. This guidance is specifically aimed at GPs, and explains how doctors can put best practice principles into action when, for example, delegating care and making referrals.

The guidance now directly references the Accredited Registers as an example of how GPs could satisfy themselves that systems are in place to assure the safety and quality of care provided to their patients.

This is an excellent step forward in the recognition of professionals on an Accredited Register, including all BASRaT graduate members.

For more information, please see the section on Referrals at:

BASRaT Prepare to Perform Symposium
Etihad Stadium Friday 20th November 2015

The theme for 2015 is one of our most exciting yet. In both workshops and lectures, there will be a special focus on performance, training and rehabilitation for extreme events involving running, swimming and cycling and how this information can also be transferred to more general training. As usual there will also be a range of fantastic hands on workshops covering rugby, football and more!

Preparations to this year’s conference 'Prepare to Perform' are off to a flying start and we are pleased to announce that it will take place on Friday 20th November 2015 at Manchester City’s impressive Etihad Stadium. Our keynote Speaker Ian Horsley is kicking the conference off and due to popular demand we have James Dunne returning with exciting new workshops. We also have cycling expert Richard Salisbury joining us as well as Man City's Head Physio Lee Nobes. Lee Herrington has been confirmed to lead workshops - this conference is not one to be missed! 

This year the conference will be taking place on a Friday to accommodate members and delegates working in professional sport on weekends, we hope this is a welcome change and follows lots of feedback to move our annual event from a Sunday. 

This is definitely not an event to miss out on, there will be lots of take home nuggets for you to implement in your day to day practice. For our early bird offers and more details please register your interest via We will be announcing further details soon.

Interested in being an Exhibitor or Sponsor at our Etihad conference? Contact for more information.

Committee Updates

Introducing Dr Lucy Hammond as Student Liaison Officer

Dr Lucy Hammond was elected in to the BASRaT Executive Committee at the November AGM.

Dr Hammond is a Graduate Sports Rehabilitator and a Senior Lecturer at University of Bedfordshire. In addition to her academic role, she currently works within a multidisciplinary clinic. She has worked in Higher Education for the past 11 years and chairs a Professional Practice Working Group, which has strong links with employers and careers services. She is also currently responsible for teaching professional practice and professional ethics, and has been recently awarded a teaching fellowship at the University of Bedfordshire to develop her work in developing professionalism and ethical understandings in students. She looks forward to being able to implement the benefits from this work both locally, and extending this across BASRaT institutions.

Chris Wilcox: Quality Officer

Chris Wilcox, formerly the Student Liaison Officer, has taken on a new role as Quality Officer for the BASRaT Executive Committee. This role has been specifically developed to increase our standards of governance as a professional body and ensure that the Committee adheres to high standards of practice. The Quality Officer undertakes the administration, oversight and responsibility for the quality functions of the BASRaT Executive Committee. Chris will continue to work closely with colleagues at the University of Hull, in particular with the BASRaT Registrar and Secretary. He will be leading on projects and writing groups which will deliver defined policy and procedure documentation and guidelines for BASRaT practice as a regulatory and professional body. The addition of this role is an important step forward for the Committee following the Accredited Register status with the Professional Standards Authority. To contact Chris in his new role, details can be found on the website or you can email him directly:

Watch this space for BASRaT and BJSM podcasts

BASRaT and the British Journal of Sports Medicine will be running a series of podcasts over the coming months. Our first one will feature BASRaT Chair Steve Aspinall and Executive Committee Member Dr Allan Munro. If you’ve not listened to BJSM podcasts they are a great resource and can contribute to your CPD hours. Download via iTunes or Soundcloud:

Recent BJSM podcasts include:

  • Physiotherapist Chris Swier on the ATP World Tour
  • Effective treatments for back pain: Kieran O’Sullivan’s practical tips within a guiding framework
  • Dr Jeppe Bo Laurensen talking about exercise interventions to prevent sport injuries

63,000 health practitioners stand ready to help transform nation's health, says Professional Standards Authority

The UK now has a real opportunity to get more out of its health and care workforce, the Professional Standards Authority said today. Acknowledging widespread recognition that we need new ways to deliver integrated care fit for the 21st century and tackle national health problems, Harry Cayton, the Authority's Chief Executive, called for people in charge of health and care services to use a wider range of occupational groups.

Mr Cayton made the comments as the Authority published its first report on the Accredited Registers programme, the Government programme to promote safety and quality in a wide range of health and care services across the UK. BASRaT is one of these accredited registers. The extra level of assurance the programme offers gives commissioners and employers the confidence they need to make wider use of a workforce focused on prevention and wellbeing.

The report published today sets out how the programme gives service users, employers and commissioners the confidence they need to use a wider range of practitioners. The benefits of the programme include:

  • all Registers which have been accredited to date have made improvements to their working practices to gain accreditation from the Authority, improving overall quality across the different sectors
  • if a practitioner is removed from one Accredited Register they cannot join another, protecting patients and consumers from malpractice
  • all Accredited Registers are required to carry out careful risk assessments to ensure they understand the risks their occupation may pose to the public and to ensure that they are managing those risks effectively.
Download the report in full here.

A Look Back at 2014 ....It has been a very busy year at BASRaT. Here is a snippet of what we have been up to;

  • Appointment of an experienced PR consultant to help engage with members of the public and service users to improve information on what we do and our accreditation.
  • Launched a communications toolkit for all members to use when communicating sport rehabilitation and accreditation.
  • The BASRaT website has undergone re-development recently (all feedback welcome)
  • Introduced new roles to the committee with two lay members to ensure all decisions of the committee are in the best interests of the members.
  • The Annual Symposium was held at the University of Hull with some very exciting keynotes. Thanks to all who attended. Next year we are coming to the 'ETIHAD' stadium in Manchester and are very excited about the line up.
  • We are currently working with the RFU on future employment opportunities for members.
  • Appointment of a professional consultant to aid in gaining recognition with private medical insurance companies.
  • Renewal of our accreditation with the Professional Standards Authority (please turn over for more information on what the PSA means to you)
Dean Kriellaars speaking at this years Symposium at the University of Hull.

BASRaT Student Prizes

At our 2014 AGM, we announced our first ever winners of two new prizes.

Congratulations to our first award winners of the student prizes:

The first award - Graybrook Prize was awarded to Cemil Yesilyurt for achieving the highest overall percentage grade upon degree completion.

The second award - Bill McCloughlin Prize was awarded to Shannon Barnes for her outstanding achievements and efforts within Sport Rehabilitation. Named in memory and honour of the late Bill McCoughlin for is contribution to education within sport rehabilitation.

Cemil Yesilyurt recieveing his award at the BASRaT Annual Symposium at the University of Hull.

"The Rehab Continuum" - Symposium 2014 Research Presentation

We are currently looking for some GSR's to present their postgraduate research at this year's "The Rehab Continuum" symposium. If you have something exciting to share with everyone then please get in touch!

You would need to be able to present the research in poster format within a 30 minute time slot. In return you will be provided with a free ticket to both days of the symposium and the dinner!

If you are interested please send a brief summary of your research to the following before 15th August 2014:

Lindsey Woolstencroft -

Dr Hollie White -

BASRaT needs your photos!

For a fantastic opportunity to get yourself a FREE ticket to both days at the 2014 conference send us your snaps. We are looking for the perfect photos to represent BASRaT in our new campaign. We are looking for a range of themed photos:

  • Manual Therapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Taping
  • Pitchside
  • Exercise Therapy
  • S+C
  • Military Work
  • Hydrotherapy

Any photos used in our Spring/Summer campaign will be winners of the competition and awarded with a 2014 Conference Ticket. Please look on our website for terms and conditions. Send your photos to All photos required a release form which can be obtained from BASRaT directly or can be downloaded here.

Concussion in Sport

The Canadian Athletic Therapists Association has recently published a consensus statement on Concussion in Sport. The full text is available via the British Journal of Sports Medicine: here

BASRaT completes application to the Professional Standards Authority: April 2013

BASRaT has now submitted an application to the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) with the aim to become accredited and join the Accredited Voluntary Register. The PSA are currently reviewing our application and we shall keep members and visitors updated as to our progress.

For more information please visit the Voluntary Register page of the PSA website, or contact with any questions.

University of Cumbria BSc (Hons) Sport Rehabilitation accredited by BASRaT: September 2012

Starting in September 2012, the University of Cumbria has become the latest institution to offer a BASRaT accredited degree programme for Undergraduate Sport Rehabilitators.

Programme lead, Dr Katie Small, herself a Graduate Sport Rehabilitator (GSR), explained the importance of this recent accreditation:

"There is increasing public awareness regarding rehabilitation of sporting and exercise based injury, particularly following the recent success of the London 2012 Olympic Games. As a result, and along with the Government agenda for increasing the level of physical activity in the nation, there is a greater requirement to provide a high standard of healthcare professionals. Thus, nationally, and internationally, there is greater recognition of sport rehabilitation and growing need for well regulated graduate practitioners via organisations such as the Council for Health Care Regulatory Excellence (CHRE). The governing body BASRaT only accredits programmes that train graduate level professionals within the sports medicine field, thus helping ensure the highest possible standard of quality from its members."

Check out the course and institution HERE.

13th BASRaT Annual Symposium and Annual General Meeting: 18th November 2012

BASRaT is pleased to announce the location of the 13th Annual Symposium and Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday the 18th November 2012 at the University of Bolton at their new £31 million health, leisure and research centre, built through a partnership between Bolton Council, NHS Bolton and the University of Bolton.

BASRaT will announce further details in the coming weeks of what promises to be an exciting schedule of keynote lectures and practical workshops in the field of sports medicine and exercise rehabilitation.

Check back soon on the Symposium Page.

BASRaT and Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland (ARTI) Proud to be Working Together! - Jan 2012

Developing, assuring and recognising the highest standards in Sports and Exercise medicine has always been a founding tenet of BASRaT and we are proud to be working with many leading organisations in this field. ARTI is one such recently formed body that represents high quality graduate Athletic Rehabilitation Therapists whose main role is to promote and maintain the health and physical wellbeing of individuals in all sporting, physical and occupational activities. As the standards, core values and beliefs of ARTI and BASRaT are so closely related, both organisations will be working much more closely together in the future to develop and promote excellence in our field. We both have a strong drive to promote and develop our sports medicine and rehabilitation professionals who can work alongside, as well as complement, existing healthcare practitioners. We will also continue to work in partnership with other leading organisations in this field that all share similar goals, including the BOC, WFATT, NATA, CATA and ESATT.

Looking forward to a fantastic year in Athletic Therapy and Sport Rehabilitation!

Steve Aspinall

Changing Lives - October 2011

Changing lives - its not only sports people that benefit from sport rehabilitation!

80 year old Edith had spent several years being shuffled around the healthcare system, with progressively deteriorating severe low back pain. It had reached the stage where she was trapped on her ground floor, no longer able to climb the stairs, with walking being a slow, painful and increasingly infrequent chore. Sadly, no one was able to help, she couldn’t lie down for treatment, couldn’t do any exercises and everyone she saw was unwilling to touch someone when even the lightest pressure resulted in severe pain.

It was at this point in early 2010 that her next-door neighbours brought her into the University of Salford Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Clinic. Second years Kelly Clinton and Charlotte Burns were the Sport Rehabilitation students who treated Edith from the very beginning. With compassion and care she was treated with reassurance, education, then gentle massage in a seated position.

The students gradually progressed this until gentle mobilisation, spinal stability exercises and finally lower limb and whole body balance / strengthening could be added. The results were remarkable and in Ediths words, “I’ve gone from an old woman, bent, with a stick, who couldn’t go up or down stairs. Now I can walk faster without pain, go up and down stairs, I can leave my stick at home. I feel great, 15 years younger and like I’ve been given my life back!”

International Appointment - May 2011

Angela Clough, a liaison to the BASRaT Executive Committee and Hull University’s Director of Sports Rehabilitation has been made a member of the International Academy of Musculoskeletal Medicine (IAMMM).

Angela Clough has been invited to join the academy after serving for the past four years as co-editor of the International Journal of Musculoskeletal Medicine. She will now work alongside other experts, clinicians and universities from around the world in helping to shape the future of the industry.

Angela Clough from the Department of Sport, Health and Exercise Science at the University of Hull says: “Getting the chance to work with the academy is a real honour. From a personal perspective, I will be able to help shape professional teaching methods and form links with the best experts in the field.

We have a strong department at the University and our work with the academy will help to bring further academic kudos - ensuring we continue to attract top quality candidates and produce excellent sport rehabilitators.”

Health Professions Council - Update March 20th 2011
from BASRaT Chair, Steve Aspinall

Following the latest news about statutory regulation, it is now clear there are a number of issues that need to be addressed / resolved prior to this progressing through the legislative processes in a timely fashion. The Health Professions Council (HPC) made a surprising decision in February, and to all intents and purposes they did miss a number of stages of the statutory regulation process, there are obviously organisations who have significant concerns about the validity of this decision. It is also clear from the coalition government's following white paper (see below for a link to the paper) that the goal posts have moved, but whether that affects our profession is also dependent upon the perceived potential for public harm by our professional area. there have obviously been discussions about the timing of the hpc announcement followed almost immediately by the release of the white paper, whether it was deliberate or coincidence remains to be seen. regardless, the hpc currently do not know yet how this will proceed, they have a meeting on the 31st march to discuss and further examine all of these issues, i will pass on any news shortly after that. it is also worth noting that the coalition proposed voluntary registers for future healthcare regulation, detailed in the white paper, will be carried out by existing regulators (hpc for our field) and could be an effective way to regulate, it really would depend on the execution.>

" Enabling Excellence: Autonomy and Accountability for Health and Social Care Staff " - LINK TO DEPT. OF HEALTH WEBSITE PAPERS .

Health Professions Council - February 21st 2011
from BASRaT Chair, Steve Aspinall

Following on from the statutory regulation process recently grinding to a halt at the end of 2010, with the Health Professions Council (HPC) sending out communications to that effect, the HPC agreed last week to make a formal recommendation to the Secretary of State for Health and to Scottish Ministers for the regulation of the professional area of Sport Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy.

The History of Statutory Regulation for Sport Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy

Back in 2005 both BASRaT and the Society of Sports Therapy (SOST) submitted applications to the HPC for statutory regulation of their respective bodies. Although both bodies had met to discuss working together on this process, BASRaT's minimum standards of a high quality BSc (Hons) degree were incompatible with the variable level of qualifications to enter the SOST register at that time, hence two separate applications were advised by the HPC. Following the submission of the documents, the SOST application was heard first, and there was a subsequent decision by the HPC that only one application would be accepted for the professional area that covers both Sport Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy, so the application and subsequent documents continue from this document.

It is important to note at this stage that the statutory regulation application is not made for a professional body, but for a professional area and scope of practice. All professional bodies working in this field are involved in the statutory regulation process at every step of the way, in this case both BASRaT and the SOST have been attending regular meetings and working parties to move this process forwards, along with other interested parties including the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. There were a number of issues to address which all parties worked on, and culminated in the SOST submitting a document to the HPC examining the overlap between our area and other Allied Health Professions in July 2010. This is when the process appeared to come to a stop, to be resurrected last week.

What next?

The process is now in the hands of the politicians, but this is obviously a major and timely development in the process. The regulated titles for this profession, for Sports Therapists, Sport Rehabilitators and others, is still open to debate, but we will keep you updated. BASRaT will obviously work to ensure that these future standards are not just focused on the minimum requirements of a BSc (Hons) degree, but commensurate with those of a safe and effective healthcare professional, which has always been the standard in our accredited programmes. The proposed register will be open to all professionals who can meet the minimum standards, although the majority of appropriate courses in this area come under the auspices of either the British Association of Sport Rehabilitators and Trainers or the Society of Sport Therapy.

HPC Decision Meeting Summary - PDF document .

Link to HPC Website - detailed of minutes and documents.

A New Year - a changing Britain - February 2011
from BASRaT Chair, Steve Aspinall

This last year has certainly been a time of demanding change, and 2011 promises to offer not only bigger challenges, but also opportunities for positive change that we haven’t seen for a long time. The NHS and our health service are being completely restructured, with a very clear emphasis on de-centralisation and a shift to local control. The recent white paper, “Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Our strategy for public health in England”, gives a clear indication of where the governments priorities lie for the future and they acknowledge that they can “no longer sit back while so many people are suffering severe lifestyledriven ill health and such acute health inequalities”. In practice, this means that local government are going to have the freedom, responsibility and funding to develop ways of improving public health with rewards and incentives for positive results. This will go hand in hand with a much simpler new public health service, ‘Public Health England’.

There is a clear plan to work hand in hand with industry, both in specific work related health issues and general health, and it’s clear to see why this needs to happen by considering just a few of the frankly astronomical health related costs the UK faces. For example, just by reducing working age ill health, the UK could save up to a staggering £100 billion a year, add to this the £4.2 billion per year cost of obesity related illness to the NHS alone and you can start to see the fi nancial drivers for the future of healthcare. Another key fact of crucial importance in the area of physical capacity and good health, some 17% of people claiming incapacity benefit have a musculoskeletal condition, many of which are preventable. Then there is the aging population to consider.Hip fractures are currently the most common injury resulting from falls in older people, with the cost of hip fractures being a staggering £1.4 billion per year, and these are just the black and white costs, the personal and emotional costs can be much higher. Again, a substantial portion of risk factors for falls can be addressed.

Where is our place in this? Although we are a comparatively tiny profession, we occupy a key place in the healthcare team. Our in depth education and focus in the area of exercise therapy and rehabilitation allows us to make an invaluable contribution to all the above areas, and many more, working alongside GP’s, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, exercise and health practitioners and fitness instructors. We are currently working on a number of national strategies to develop effective and appropriate exercise referral schemes and healthcare practice frameworks, sitting on committees alongside other national regulators, the DoH and numerous Royal Colleges amongst others. As well as these areas, we also have important roles to play in vocational and occupational rehabilitation. These are specific areas that will become more and more prominent in the coming years.

On a final note, I wish you all well for 2011 and urge you to focus on our strengths and how successful we can be when working not only individually, but more importantly as part of a comprehensive healthcare team, as that is where the patients will receive the greatest benefit, and that, at the end of the day is what it’s all about.

Military Medical Personnel awarded MOD contract - September 2010

BASRaT are pleased to announce that Military Medical Personnel have been awarded approved supplier for the provision of Sports Rehabilitators to the Ministry of Defence.

With effect from January 2011 MMP will be one of only three locum agencies able to supply locum healthcare staff to the Army, Navy, RAF, and British Forces Overseas. For information on current and future vacancies or more information about the ERI role please contact Jenny Scott on 08459000196 or via email

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Students cross the Atlantic to experience University life at Salford - August 2010

Twenty five students from Winona State University (WSU), Minnesota, travelled across the Atlantic to experience student life at Salford.
The semester-long exchange is part of the ongoing partnership between Salford and WSU to enhance student experience, combine expertise by facilitating Faculty exchanges and open up collaborations over particular research projects involving biomechanics in sport.
The group was made up of students from exercise science, athletic training, physiotherapy and nursing disciplines. During the exchange students were able to experience social education with experiential learning to get a real insight into student life at Salford. One WSU students said, “We had a big group discussion comparing our schools and culture in general. It was fascinating to learn the differences between the two.”

Sports students visited University partners grounds, including Salford City Reds, Sale Sharks, Lancashire County Cricket Club (LCCC), Manchester City and Sportcity. Students also enjoyed tours of the Human Performance Lab Sports Injury and Podiatry Clinic.
Dr Brian Zeller, Lead Tutor at WSU commented, “The technology is amazing; it was really interesting how much they could determine just by looking at the different body mechanics.”

But it wasn’t all hard work, the WSU students also enjoyed the social scene Salford has to offer and were taken to a Twenty20 game at Old Trafford, courtesy of LCCC, allowing them to contrast this exciting form of cricket with their own experiences of baseball!
It is envisaged that a number of students from the School of Health, Sport and Rehabilitation Sciences will be taking up the opportunity to study at WSU for a semester this coming academic year.

Julian Hatcher, Programme Leader for BSc Sports Rehabilitation, and one of the organisers of the visit said, “The visit has been a great success and we look forward to repeating it again in Olympic year 2012.”

University of the West of England (UWE) Students at the European Touch Championships, July 2010

UWE hosted the eighth European Touch Rugby Championships this summer, the biggest tournament since its inception in 1996 in the southern hemisphere.

Each team played up to four 40 minute games a day of fast competitive Touch Rugby and therefore required some much needed therapy to keep going! UWE provided a therapy and sports massage clinic manned by Undergraduates from the BASRaT accredited BSc Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation (STaR) programme and supervised by Martin Ward a Senior Lecturer from the STaR programme.

Students work through the night at Cross-Pennine challenge
MEGAHIKE - June 2010

Two groups of Sports Rehabilitation students from The University of Bolton and The University of Salford, came together to help participants complete the challenge of walking 50miles across the Pennines. MEGAHIKE is a team fundraising event in aid of the MedEquip4Kids charity based in Manchester, which helps children with ill-health access the very best healthcare facilities. The aim of the event is to raise £90,000 for the charity.

The students who attended the event camped at the venue and worked through the night to provide support for the teams of participants who were striving to finish the gruelling hike. The students were supervised by Salford graduate Mike Carolan and Adam Naylor from Bolton University. Mike commented that the students worked exceptionally hard and the participants were grateful for their efforts throughout the 24 hour event.

The event allowed students to apply therapy skills they learn in Sport Rehabilitation practical lectures at University in an intense but enjoyable environment.

Sports Rehabilitation students re-invigorate runners:
Great Manchester Run, May 2010

Sports Rehabilitation students from the University of Salford helped ease pre-race niggles and post-race aches for runners at the Manchester 10k, all in aid of the RNLI. The Great Manchester Run attracts more than 10,000 participants each year and is the UK’s premier 10k race.

A team of nine 2nd and 3rd year BSc (Hons) Sports Rehabilitation students rewarded the efforts of the lifeboat charity fundraisers with a revitalising post-race massage, whilst other participants were able to enjoy a massage in return for a small donation. Lisa Rutter, RNLI Events Manager, North, thanked the students for their efforts for the third year running.

Salford graduate Allan Munro, who supervised the students at the event, said “ It’s great that we can help a charity like the RNLI. The students enjoyed the experience and were more than happy to give their time to help the runners who raise a huge amount of money for the charity.
It was also great to be able to raise further contributions from other runners at the event and the atmosphere around the tent was fantastic .”

Great Britain Basketball Women’s U20s Pre-European Championships Camps - Summer 2010

Summer 2010 saw Great Britain’s U20 women’s team embark on a new development with a new management team in place in preparation for the upcoming division B European Championships in Macedonia.

As part of this team graduate Sports Rehabilitator Michael Carolan was drafted in as medical support working in conjunction with the team physio Michelle Angus. This initially encompassed pre camp fitness testing alongside Allan Munro and a group of Sports Rehabilitation students from Salford University.
During the initial selection camp at Leigh Sports Village, Manchester, Mike was consulted on player fitness and appropriateness for selection by the head coach Damien Jennings.

Allan Munro was also present to help with both the Men and Women’s teams whilst identifying any potential areas for individual improvement from the initial fitness screening and testing session.

After this Mike worked independently seeing to the teams needs regarding injury management, recovery from training and appropriate hydration and nutritional intake, in constant communication with the staff regarding player fitness and maintaining a good rapport with the players to ensure an elite level service to the team and for Great Britain. The team was then based in three camp locations in Leigh, Bristol and Surrey where the girls played against several different opposition, finishing with Mike being part of an excursion to Austria to play their U20 women’s team in two matches.

This was a proud experience that Mike will cherish and never forget and will see him strive for further achievements and to work at this level in the future. With thanks to Lee Herrington, Allan Munro, Damien Jennings, Matt Johnson, Marlies Keiffer, David Bailey, Michelle Angus and congratulations to the players on winning the Division B European Championships and gaining promotion to Division A.

BASRaT members contribute to Sport Injury text - May 2010

A new text book released recently by Wiley-Blackwell, written for students and graduates of sport rehabilitation and related professions, features several contributions from Graduate Sport Rehabilitators and BASRaT members.

“The past three years have seen the emergence of degree courses devoted to sports rehabilitation and the number is growing,” said Co-Editor Earle Abrahamson of Middlesex University. “Currently students, graduate sports rehabilitators and sports therapists have to rely on textbooks within physiotherapy, medicine and physiology. This will be the first book written specifically for them.”

“With growing numbers of people participating in both competitive and recreational sporting and fitness activities, there has been an increase in both major and minor sport related injuries,” said Co-Editor Paul Comfort of the University of Salford. “The trained sport rehabilitator is concerned with the scientific evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management of injuries as a result of sports and exercise participation, and this is the first time all of these areas are brought together in one book.”

BASRaT link with Military Healthcare - February 2010

Military Medical Personnel and BASRaT are pleased to be working together to provide fantastic locum opportunities for Graduate Sport Rehabilitators to work within the MOD.

MMP specialize in providing healthcare locums to the MOD and our recruiters have a combined experience of over 20 years.

For more information please contact Jenny on 08459000196 or you can view their website at

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BASRaT Student exchange heads stateside! - January 2010

Linsey Woolstencroft, a student of Salford University Sport Rehabilitation went on an exchanged trip to Minnesota, USA and gave us this account of her trip.

" Setting off to the States early in January this year kicked off my 2010 with a great deal of excitement. I studied for a whole semester at Winona State University in Minnesota on an exchange program with the Athletic training department, along with 2 other students from the University of Salford. Whilst there, we worked with the whole range of college teams, including American Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Gymnastics, Softball and Baseball.

The Athletic Training room pretty much became a second home for 4 months, where ice, electrical stimulation and taping became our best friend. We were also able to exchange the different techniques between the Athletic Trainer and the Sports Rehabilitator, and see how we could improve each other’s practice.
I also attended their normal college lectures, experiencing college life in the USA as well as attending external placements in a variety of settings, from the surgical to rehabilitation centres.

The time in the athletic training room really was a fabulous opportunity to see what a difference you can make to the lives of athletes when you are there for them on a daily basis. They are able to build a great relationship between their athletes and coaches, and in turn that communication and trust means that you are able to do far more than just ‘fix an injury’.
Overall though, I realised that the main difference between our professions and educational programmes are only in the techniques used; our goals are still the same. It has made for an unforgettable experience, which has helped shape my role as a Sports Rehabilitator ".


BASRaT forms strong link with HCL Healthcare - July 2009

HCL Healthcare – The Healthcare Recruitment Specialists

Working with BASRaT to help Sport Rehabilitators make the most of their career

HCL Healthcare is a leading healthcare recruitment organisation in the UK for medical staff and a primary provider of Exercise Rehabilitation Instructors to the military across the UK.

The job of an Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor is unique to the Military and suited to those that have gained their BSc (Hons) in Sports Rehabilitation and are graduate members of BASRaT.Azure.

BASRaT is pleased such a link exists with this high profile recruitment company maintaining the professional level of employment on offer to graduates.

BASRaT Students support at the Moonwalk - May 2009

St Mary's University College students were once again involved in supporting athletes at the Moonwalk in London which sees thousands of people power walking around London in the early hours wearing often very little including bras to raise awareness and money for breast cancer charities.

Sam McGill a Lecturer from St Mary's University College organised students to support those walking either a half or full marathon:

" They worked tirelessly from 8pm til midnight and even had enough energy to join in the aerobic warm up with the walkers at the end!. The feedback from the walkers was fantastic and many of them said that it was the best massage that they had ever had! The students were all so enthusiastic and a real credit to St Mary's, I was so proud of them. "

BASRaT Students support at the London Marathon - April 2009

London Marathon – BASRaT students provide invaluable service
By Earle Abrahamson

" From Wednesday the 22 April until Sunday the 26th April, students studying sports rehabilitation at Middlesex, Salford and St Mary’s universities, provided sports massage therapy at the London Marathon expo and the marathon itself. Students were supervised by Earle Abrahamson, programme leader for the sports rehabilitation degree, Dawn Irwin, Rik Mellor and Lee Johnson. The majority of athletes required manual therapy in the form of soft tissue massage. Students were able to assess athletes, recommend appropriate treatments and then advise them on pre-race warm-up and injury prevention strategies.

On the marathon day, students provided therapy for the charity SENSE who raised over £1million. Materials were sponsored by MAXXIMED, who kindly donated oils and couch rolls. During the 5 day event, 884 athletes received therapy from the students, of which 400 were seen on the final 2 days. 30 litres of oil and 10 boxes of couch roll were used during the event. Students enjoyed the experience and were able to apply their training to practical and real-life situations.

On behalf of the charity, the expo team, and BASRaT, we would like to commend and extend our sincere appreciation to those students and staff who assisted us so ably with the smooth and efficient running of this service. We look forward to providing a similar service next year. Any students who would like to be involved with this event next year please do not hesitate to contact Earle Abrahamson. "

Sam McGill a Lecturer from St Mary's University College organised students from St Mary's to support those running for a collection of charities on the day of the marathon:

" It was a roasting hot day but what a fantastic atmosphere; London was in full swing and carnival mode for the Marathon on the Sunday- millions of supporters and runners doing their utmost to raise money for charity and reach their personal goals. All of this is wonderfully televised for all to see but what you don't see behind the scenes is another workforce of thousands! All the charity workers who work tirelessly prior to the event supporting and organising the runners and all the fantastic physical therapists and massage volunteers who look after the exhausted and emotional runners which I am proud to say St Mary's plays a big role.

For the past 4 years St Mary's has been providing a workforce of Sport Rehabilitation students who kindly volunteer their fantastic skills for the tired and exhausted runners. This year was no exception with 40 students working for Cancer Research, the Children's Society, the Mental Health Foundation and Oxfam. They were truly amazing and working tirelessly for a good 5 hours using a variety of physical therapy skills. All the charities were so grateful and I was so proud of the students. "

Cancer Research also gave some feedback via Sam to the students on the BASRaT Undergraduate degree programme:

" Your team are always so friendly, hard working and enthusiastic. In fact I look forward to meeting them as I know each year they will come in smiling and chomping at the bit to get going! We had around 252 runners who had massages, in 4.5 hours, between 24 therapists - amazing! In fact I had to re count as there was such a great flow of runners going through with such a small amount of waiting time, it felt like we had twice the amount of therapists! That was all down to you and your hard work, thank you. "

Juliet Rykens
National Events Executive (Running)
Cancer Research UK

Society of Orthopaedic Medicine recognition - April 2009

It is with a great sense of pride that I can report, as an associate member of BASRaT & Teaching Fellow of the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine that, The Society of Orthopaedic Medicine Council voted this month in favour of opening up access to BASRaT graduates to their post graduate module courses at two venues: The University of Hull & The University of Teesside. These courses have been exclusively accessed by post graduate physiotherapists and doctors for the last 30 years. It is a fantastic opportunity to welcome BASRaT graduates into an internationally recognised post-graduate training programme.

The late Dr James Cyriax was the inspiration behind this practical hands-on course which aims to improve & refine your musculoskeletal diagnosis & treatment. By the end of the course you will have developed your ability to apply functional anatomy, established an accurate diagnostic approach and extended your clinical reasoning skills.

I was fortunate enough to secure a letter of support from Patsy Cyriax, a chartered physiotherapist & the late wife of Dr James Cyriax. We owe Patsy our thanks for her support.

Module A & B can be done in any order
Module A covers the cervical spine & upper limb. (4 DAYS)
Module B covers the lumbar spine & lower limb (4 DAYS)
Module C includes the sacro-iliac joint and revision of the techniques on modules A & B & EXAM

In Hull we normally run x 2 courses a year, one in late June & one mid- September. We are running a Module C in June. We look forward to welcoming you on Module A, Wed 16th- Sat.19th September 2009 at The University of Hull.

For further information and bookings check these links:
Online bookings:
Or course co-ordinator:

To establish this training opportunity has taken a long time. My late Mum sadly did not live to see me fulfil this achievement to share & broaden the opportunities for widening participation for orthopaedic medicine approach training for my own graduates of whom I am very, very proud . Without the inspiration of my dear Mum to encourage me through some tough times I would certainly never have achieved this for BASRaT.Azure. So for supportive Mum`s everywhere my late inspirational Mum.

Angela Clough
BASRaT Executive Committee

BASRaT accredits the University of the West of England - March 2009

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the University of the West of England (UWE) to the BASRaT family. We get numerous enquiries about accreditation, but there are very few institutions that are able and willing to meet the high standards BASRaT set. This made our accreditation visit to UWE both a pleasant surprise and extremely enjoyable. In January 2009, Angela Clough and myself visited both the main UWE campus and their Hartpury College centre to go over their Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation BSc (Hons) programme with a fine toothcomb.

It’s the strong and experienced Physiotherapy department that delivers this course; so many of the developmental issues normally present with a fledgling course were conspicuously absent. Douglas Pringle, the programme lead, and his team have to be commended for an excellent programme. It’s very obvious that a great deal of attention, care and professionalism has gone into this course and talking to the students, educators and some placement providers, it’s certainly not wasted! I’m sure UWE will be an important contributor to BASRaT over the coming years and I look forward to their first wave of graduates this summer.

And am I jealous that on a summer’s day I will be surrounded by the glorious urban sprawl of Manchester whilst staff at Hartpury look out over lakes and rolling hills? Not one bit…

Steve Aspinall

BASRaT students shine at the 2008 London Marathon

By Earle Abrahamson

" BASRaT students from Middlesex and Salford Universities provided exemplary sports massage therapy and sports rehabilitation to athletes at this year’s London Marathon. The Marathon event started on Wednesday 9th April, at the Excel centre in the Docklands and extended to the race day on Sunday 13 April.

University students, advised athletes on injury prevention, provided much needed sports massage, and ably assisted in ensuring that BASRaT was not only noticed, but commended for an excellent service. The sports massage service was co-ordinated by Earle Abrahamson, senior lecturer in Sports Rehabilitation, ably assisted by Dawn Irwin, lecturer in clinical exercise and physiotherapist, Andy Gall part-time lecturer, Neville Hall, and Rhonda Cohen, DOP for the sport and exercise science programmes. During the 5 days of marathon activities, the university students massaged over 1100 athletes, using over 60 litres of oil and over 500 metres of couch roll. The marathon was grueling for many, as temperatures soared both in and out of the therapy rooms. The Universities received excellent publicity through the provision of sports massage and therapy for the expo and the charity Sense. The director of Sense, praised the students for a job well done.

Many athletes have expressed their sincere appreciation for a service well done. The BASRaT students have been asked to render the same service next year, and have further been approached by sponsors and event organisers to develop an event team, to service major UK and Europe wide events. The expo organizers were so impressed with the high standard and professional conduct of our students, that interest has been expressed in extending the University services to other areas of the expo and race.

Congratulations to all the staff and students, who devoted their time and expertise to ensure that BASRaT shone at this years’ marathon. "

Earle Abrahamson

BASRaT Member wins award at SOM/BIMM Symposium, December 2007

BASRaT member Naomi Chinn has recently won a £150 poster prize at the joint Symposium of the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine & British Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine held at the London Hilton on December 1st 2007.

The research was titled "A Systematic Review Into The Evidence Based Practice Of Therapeutic Ultrasound In Treating Soft Tissue Injuries." - is there evidence out there for using ultrasound in this area, and is it being used!

Naomi sent BASRaT some words:

" The area of evidence-based practice was central to my choice of research; I felt that tying this theory into the reality of clinical practice could provide some relevant findings and areas for further research. Electrotherapy and ultrasound had been something I’d encountered during my undergraduate studies and particularly during clinical placement. The findings have shown there is a need for practitioners to consider the evidence they use when making clinical decisions and the role of governing bodies, such as BASRaT to provide its members with relevant and up to date information to facilitate evidence based practice. Now on my development into the medical profession I aim to continue my research in the area of evidence-based practice and hope to facilitate a multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of musculo-skeletal injuries. "

You can download Naomi's poster HERE .

Naomi is currently a first year medical student at the Hull York Medical School (HYMS) and works with the National Fire Rescue Service Rugby Union.

Bench Press Article - published, October 2007

BASRaT Member Carly Green has recently had an article published in the National Strength and Conditioning Association journal in the area of bench press and risk factors relating to injury. Carly sent BASRaT some words:

" The research involved in the original dissertation was key to my professional development and as a result has made the shoulder an area I specialise in and am very interested in still.

I am currently working with other collegues on an article about hamstring rehab, and contributing a small amount to a rehabilitation book, that Paul Comfort (Middlesex Uni) is working on with lots of others in the field of rehab/physio and strength and conditioning. I am hoping to continue my research into the shoulder and how different resistance exercises can effect or cause injuries. I would also like to pursue a masters, at St. Marys College possibly, in the near future and my UKSCA accreditation when i can afford to dedicate the time to it."

You can download Carly's journal in PDF file format HERE.

Carly is a Graduate Sports Rehabilitator, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and the Founder and Director of Sports Injury Specialist Clinic (SISC).

BASRaT Link with Human Kinetics

BASRaT members can now enjoy 15% discount on books, DVDs and software from leading sports and fitness publisher Human Kinetics. The Human Kinetics mission is to meet the needs of sports participants, medical professionals, fitness enthusiasts, teachers and coaches worldwide. They do so by seeking out experts to create their products and by hiring educated and professionally qualified staff to develop those products.

Members can LOG IN for more info and a list of September 2007 latest releases.

BASRaT & National Athletic Training Association - USA, September 2007

BASRaT has been forging links with national and international organisations since it's inception and recently BASRaT Chair Steve Aspinall received a letter of support for BASRaT and the link between the British Association of Sports Rehabilitators and Trainers and the National Athletic Training Association of the United States of America.

"On behalf of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association of the United States, it is a privilege to congratulate BASRaT for the work being done to provide the best possible healthcare to the active population of the United Kingdom. Both NATA and BASRaT share the desire to regulate the practice of athletic training and Sport Rehabilitation at the highest level possible, ensuring that our patients receive outstanding care. Incumbent in this is that our educational standards are high and are equivalent to a legitimate and challenging degree.
It was an honor to meet and visit with Mr. Steve Aspinall and Ms. Leslie Haig this past summer at our Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California. Mr. Aspinall and Ms. Haig represented you in the highest possible way and impressed us with their professionalism and desire to improve the preparation, credentialing, and practice of athletic therapy in the UK. Since we share common goals and, frankly, in many ways, challenges, we should work together. By working in concert internationally, I believe patients around the globe will benefit from a higher level of care and support making participation as safe and rewarding as possible, whether their competition is in a formalized club or recreational team.

Congratulations to BASRaT and all the members who are working toward common goals, knowing that the road will be long and full of frustrations. By working together, however, whether in the United Kingdom or the United States, we can rest assured that our goals will be achieved regardless of the struggles of the journeys. I remain committed to your leaders and you and stand ready to support you in every way possible!"

Yours in athletic training and therapy,

Chuck Kimmel, President
National Athletic Trainers’ Association


On the 13th May 2007,Sports Rehabilitation students from Salford University, voluntarily participated in assisting ACL REHAB & INJURIES with providing a first class service to all the participants of the Liverpool Ladies 10k run.

The Sports Rehab students worked alongside graduate Sports Rehabilitators and Physiotherapists who were all affiliated to BASRaT.Azure.

They provided Pre and Post sports massage to run participants and were eager to learn and develop their skills, they definitely put into practice what they had learnt. They gave advice and answered queries from the runners relating to the benefits of pre and post event care, with emphasis to how best they can prevent further injuries and prepare for future events.

Our participation in the event was a great success, we provided pre and post sports massage to over one hundred runners! Plus had on hand expertise for all acute and overuse injuries. Many thanks, to the enthusiasm and professionalism shown by the team from Salford University‘s Sports Rehabilitator students.

Kind Regards

Miss Amanda Li Bsc (Hons) GSR
Clinical Director

BASRaT at ACSM Conference - New Orleans, USA - May 2007

BASRat member Tom Bennett recently presented his research at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.
The conference was well attended with over 5000 delegates, a significant number from outside the United States. The conference featured an array of presentations (Approx 2600) in the fields of health and exercise, sports medicine and physical activity.

“The opportunity to meet with a number of representatives from other health professions worldwide not only adds to our (BASRaT) aims to forge working relationships with other governing bodies but benefit from the experiences of others (Governing Bodies) in our quest for state registration”

The presence of BASRaT members and committee members at such a prestigious international conference shows we are abreast of the current climate in health professionals on the world stage.

This is to be followed by Steve Aspinall (Chair) and Lesley Haig (Training & Education) attending the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) conference in Anaheim , California next week !

Tom Bennett MSc (Sports Med) GSR

Tom Bennett is both a Lecturer on the undergraduate and postgraduate Sports Rehabilitation Degree Courses at St Mary’s University College, Twickenham and a practicing rehabilitation therapist with experience in a number of athletic fields. He received his master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine from the University of Nottingham.

BASRaT AGM Links with sportEX conference - 14th - 16th September 2007

BASRaT continues the close relationship with sportEX

In conjunction with sportEX and in association with the Sports Massage Association, BASRaT is pleased to be holding their Annual General Meeting within the sportEX 'Sports Massage and Sports Injury Rehabilitation' conference at the University of Bedfordshire in September this year.

A fully international line-up of over 15 highly regarded therapists will both be speaking and taking practical workshops.

Click this link to find out more - Conference Flyer !

NB: The BASRaT AGM is on Saturday 15th of September at 5:30pm.

London Marathon: 18th - 22nd April 2007

A Marathon Effort for Middlesex University
By Earle Abrahamson

" Students studying sports rehabilitation, sport and exercise science, as well as collaborative foundation degrees through Barnet College, provided exemplary sports massage therapy and sports rehabilitation to athletes at this years London Marathon. The Marathon event started on Wednesday 18th April, at the Excel centre in the Docklands and extended to the race day on Sunday 22 April.

            Middlesex's Sports Rehab degree is BASRaT accredited and the event was used as an opportunity to market BASRaT and inform the public of the role and responsibility of the sports rehabilitator and the growing profession.

University students, advised athletes on injury prevention, provided much needed sports massage, and ably assisted in ensuring that Middlesex University was not only noticed, but commended for an excellent service as the sole University represented at the pre-Marathon Expo. The sports massage service was co-ordinated by Earle Abrahamson, senior lecturer in Sports Rehabilitation, ably assisted by Marc Holl, part-time lecturer and physiotherapist, Andy Gall part-time lecturer, and Rhonda Cohen, assistant course leader for the sport and exercise science programmes.

During the 5 days of marathon activities, the university students massaged over 1000 athletes, using 60 litres of oil and over 500 metres of couch roll. The marathon was gruelling for many, as temperatures soared both in and out of the therapy rooms. Middlesex University and BASRaT received excellent publicity through the provision of sports massage to 2 charities, namely Sense and Bliss. Both these charities have written to the University to commend the students and co-ordinators on a highly successful day. Many athletes have expressed their sincere appreciation for a service well done. The university has been asked to render the same service next year, and have further been approached by sponsors and event organisers to develop an event team, to service major UK and Europe wide events.

Congratulations to all the staff and students, who devoted their time and expertise to ensure that Sport Rehabilitation was well promoted and that Middlesex University rubbed athletes up the right way "

Earle Abrahamson
More Photos here from Earle in a PDF document. CLICK HERE ! (1MB)