A call for rehab staff to be included in the NHS workforce strategy

13 December 2022

Health Secretary asked to prioritise Rehabilitation

The CRA has written to Health Secretary, Steve Barclay to highlight the need to ensure access to high quality rehab services. 

BASRaT is part of the Community Rehab Alliance alongside the CSP and 32 other organisations. The CRA's letter states how timely access to rehabilitation remains the critical missing piece in tackling many of the urgent problems facing the health and social care system. 

The evidence of treatment outcomes for people with many health conditions shows that rehabilitation is as essential to good health outcomes as medicines and surgery.

Read the full letter here.



Sport Rehabilitator co-produces the BASES Expert Statement on Pregnant and Postnatal Athletes

07 November 2022

Current guidelines from Dr Marlize De Vivo

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Sport Rehabilitator and CEO of The Active Pregnancy Foundation, Dr Marlize De Vivo has co-produced the BASES Expert Statement on Pregnant and Postnatal Athletes.

The Statement highlights current guidelines and the multi-disciplinary approach to support athletes with health, training and performance goals during and after pregnancy.

Dr Marlize De Vivo said:

“This statement has been a year in the making and in this time we have seen women pushing boundaries and perceptions    in the sporting arena. Whilst the wider topic area of women in sport has gained interest, there is still a lot of work that     needs doing to support athletes during their reproductive years.

“Now is absolutely the right time to raise awareness of the topic area generally  but also to encourage              conversations between athletes and key stakeholders to address the gaps in evidence, guidance, and policy.          We also hope that the sport and exercise industry respond with updates in curricula and requirements for continuous professional development. This Expert Statement provides the foundation for these discussions.”

Sport Rehabilitation is now a global profession

20 October 2022

BASRaT is now a full member of the International Working Agreement

BASRaT has become a full member of the International Agreement meaning that GSRs can work overseas in Canada, America and Ireland. Read the news release.  Interested in applying for this process? Find out more here.


BASRaT and the CRA met MPs at Westminster today

18 October 2022

Discussing tackling health inequities and the workforce crisis through quality rehab

BASRaT Registrar, Ollie Coburn recently attended a roundtable at the House of Commons along with colleagues from the Community Rehab Alliance. The two main objectives of the CRA were to raise awareness about workforce challenges and health inequity within community rehabilitation provision amongst the cross-party MPs present. 

From a BASRaT perspective, it proved to be a fantastic opportunity to promote the skillset GSRs can provide and propose to our current and future members as a viable solution for increasing the MSK workforce. 

Raising awareness 0f the work Sport Rehabilitators carry out

From a BASRaT perspective, it proved to be a fantastic opportunity to promote the skillset GSRs can provide and propose to our current and future members as a viable solution for increasing the MSK workforce. 

The information was well received by the MPs which will be followed up.  

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Access to high-quality person-centred rehab is vital in helping tackle health inequities.
-> In order to deliver this - we must tackle the workforce crisis.

Without rehabilitation, people can suffer from worsening health and mental health. Access to rehabilitation can reverse this
- > This requires enough rehabilitation staff in the NHS– AHPs, nurses, support workers, exercise professionals, health coaches and carers

Sport Rehabilitators deliver effective, person-centred rehabilitation and work with Alliance partners to assist those who need rehabilitation services

Access to rehabilitation can affect life chances, earning potential and result in social isolation. Millions are missing out on essential rehabilitation, provision is piecemeal and poorly integrated.
- > The Community Rehab Alliance is a coalition of 55 professional bodies and charities committed to system change

Rehabilitation and recovery services are key to managing the pressures – to reduce unnecessary time spent in hospital, tackle the backlog, and reduce the need for long term social care

Timely access to rehabilitation is essential in reducing the gap in healthy life expectancy – currently this gap in England is 19 years
- > The CRA is a willing partner in helping to progress the rehab agenda

Hull University’s exciting new Health, Injury and Performance Hub!

07 July 2022

Rehab Guru's purpose built HIP hub promotes Sport Rehabilitation services and more

The Sport Rehab team at Hull University alongside Rehab Guru have been working hard to launch their new Health, Injury and Performance Hub. 

The HIP Hub clinic is a fully functioning clinic offering Injury Assessment, Exercise Rehabilitation and Sports Massage, Musculoskeletal and Physiological Screening, patients can find out more about the services offered and book through the clinic website. 

Students benefit from the working world clinic experience - from initial patient communication to assessment and creating tailored treatment plans through to using Rehab Guru's Client Management system for client notes, exercise prescription and so much more.  Launched in March, Rehab Guru created the clinic website which leverages their booking system to allow them to run a full-fledged clinic.

                                   Treadmill testing Physiological test

The Hub at the University of Hull is available to everyone including staff, students and the local community. As a student-led service, our Sport Rehabilitation students lead the process of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and exercise rehabilitation to get clients back to full working order. Students are supported by a team of highly experienced, qualified clinicians to ensure the consistent development of our students, but most importantly that safe, effective and professional practice is upheld. 

A huge amount of work has gone on behind the scenes, accessing grant funding and all aspects involved in creating this fully functioning clinic. Students on the BASRaT accredited Hull Uni course benefit significantly from this incredible experience, which provides vital placement hours to prepare them to become Sport Rehabilitators.  

Services offered include Injury Assessment, Exercise Rehabilitation and Sports Massage, Musculoskeletal and Physiological Screening. View at https://hiphub.hull.ac.uk