New International Working Treaty

18 December 2020

Becoming a global family of 60,000 healthcare professionals and enabling Sport Rehabilitators to work in certain countries

2021 will be a landmark in the history of Sport Rehabilitation, both in the UK and internationally. After many years of work and planning, in June 2021 BASRaT is due to sign the international arrangement framework that will be unique in the UK.

Sport Rehabilitators will be recognised to work in certain countries without gaining further qualifications or degrees. We will be part of a global family of >60,000 healthcare professionals, collaborating to ensure best practice and quality assured high standards, both educational and professional.

As part of the quality assurance and to allow portability between countries, we will be introducing an independent capstone exam at the end of all our accredited HE programmes; one of the requisites of future BASRaT registration will be to pass this certification exam. All registrants already on our register in June 2021 will be grandparented; anyone wishing to register after that date will need to have both completed one of our accredited programmes and pass the certification exam. 

The portability between the UK and countries like Canada and the United States will be overseen and managed by CGFNS International; the world’s largest credentials evaluation organisation for the nursing and allied health professions since 1977. This will allow Sport Rehabilitators to apply to go and work in countries like the USA without undertaking any additional qualifications in the destination country.

COVID Guidance Update

26 November 2020

Updated guidance for BASRaT registrants ahead of the 3 tier system being introduced in England

Our latest guidance for BASRaT registrants is available to read here.  

The new guidance comes into effect from the 2nd December. Until then, registrants should follow this version of the guidance. 

Guidelines: National Lockdown

03 November 2020

New guidance for BASRaT Registrants following the announcement of the National Lockdown in England.

We are advising BASRaT registrants that you will be able to continue offering healthcare services to patients in all sectors, including private practice, unless specifically instructed otherwise in the new Government regulations. 

There is a restriction in place on close contact services, therefore, any appointments that are not addressing an injury, condition or healthcare need, should not go ahead. 


We have updated our guidance with information for Registrants in all four nations of the UK and the Republic of Ireland. It is available to read here


Please ensure you keep up to date with Government announcements and stay alert to any communications from us regarding any changes to the current guidance. 

Guidance for registrants in Wales

19 October 2020

New guidance following the announcement of national restrictions by the Welsh Government

Following the announcement of national restrictions by the Welsh Government, we have issued guidance to registrants in Wales. You can read it here

 If you have any questions about your practice and how this guidance applies to you, please do not hesitate to contact me on

 Stay safe and take care. 

Oliver Coburn - BASRaT Registrar 

Further update on PPE and NHS QR Codes

22 September 2020

Updated information for registrants about PPE guidelines and the NHS QR code for Track and Trace.

PPE Update

Since our last update on the 8th September, there have been ongoing discussions between professional associations, regulators and Public Health England regarding the use of visors (eye protection). 

As a result of the discussions, we can now advise that the use of visors (eye protection) can be risk assessed for patients in the medium risk pathway. A type 2r mask, gloves and apron must be worn. 

Your risk assessment should consider whether there is a risk of aerosol transmission, in such cases, a visor should be used. If you deem there is no or low risk of aerosol transmission, you can opt not to use a visor. 

If you are performing Aerosol Generating Procedures, a visor must be worn. A list of AGPs can be found on page 34 of the PHE Guidance

Public Health England are sharing this update with Track and Trace. 

This update applies in all four nations of the UK and in all settings, including home visits. 

A link to updated guidance document his here

NHS QR Code for Track and Trace

Designated venues in certain sectors must have a system in place to request and record contact details of their customers, visitors and staff to help break the chains of transmission of coronavirus.

Venues providing close contact services, including sports massage, are required to display a code in order to assist Track and Trace with case tracking. 

Further information can be found on the Government website here, including the link to generate your code. 

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