Hull University’s exciting new Health, Injury and Performance Hub!

07 July 2022

Rehab Guru's purpose built HIP hub promotes Sport Rehabilitation services and more

The Sport Rehab team at Hull University alongside Rehab Guru have been working hard to launch their new Health, Injury and Performance Hub. 

The HIP Hub clinic is a fully functioning clinic offering Injury Assessment, Exercise Rehabilitation and Sports Massage, Musculoskeletal and Physiological Screening, patients can find out more about the services offered and book through the clinic website.

Students benefit from the working world clinic experience - from initial patient communication to assessment and creating tailored treatment plans through to using Rehab Guru's Client Management system for client notes, exercise prescription and so much more.  Launched in March, Rehab Guru created the clinic website which leverages their booking system to allow them to run a full-fledged clinic.

                                   Treadmill testing Physiological test

The Hub at the University of Hull is available to everyone including staff, students and the local community. As a student-led service, our Sport Rehabilitation students lead the process of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and exercise rehabilitation to get clients back to full working order. Students are supported by a team of highly experienced, qualified clinicians to ensure the consistent development of our students, but most importantly that safe, effective and professional practice is upheld. 

A huge amount of work has gone on behind the scenes, accessing grant funding and all aspects involved in creating this fully functioning clinic. Students on the BASRaT accredited Hull Uni course benefit significantly from this incredible experience, which provides vital placement hours to prepare them to become Sport Rehabilitators.  

Services offered include Injury Assessment, Exercise Rehabilitation and Sports Massage, Musculoskeletal and Physiological Screening. View at

BASRaT's BJSM Edition

20 June 2022

Supporting patients to fulfil their potential

BASRaT's Chief Executive, Steve Aspinall, has edited the July edition of BJSM. Steve's editorial focuses on a patient’s future health and working to influence system-wide change and legislation, supporting patients to fulfil their potential. This is an exceptional issue of BJSM, view the articles below including the warm up from Steve, original research and discussion and spotlighting Freehab - BASRaT's Registrar, Ollie Coburn, discusses Freehab. The issue includes -

Steve's Warm Up Evolving roles of medical and healthcare professionals: where do we go from here View

Editorial Set-piece approach for medical teams managing emergencies in sport: introducing the FIFA Poster View

Research Sleep & physical activity in relation to all-cause, cardiovascular disease & cancer mortality risk View
Device-measured physical activity, adiposity and mortality: View

Cardiorespiratory fitness and mortality from all causes, cardiovascular disease and cancer View 

Reviews·Effects of school-based activity programmes on activity levels, health and learning View 

Muscle-strengthening activities associated with lower risk and mortality in major non-comm diseases: View

Discussion Exercise in the maintenance of weight loss: health benefits beyond lost weight View

Service spotlight Social enterprise model for more equitable musculoskeletal care: introducing Freehab View 

Gold and Bronze for Ice Hockey

22 April 2022

Sport Rehabilitators supported GB Ice Hockey at the World Championship Division II Group Games recently.

Sport Rehabilitators, Robyn Crebbin and Emma Sanders supported Women’s TeamGB who won gold and Robert Smith, U18s men's who came away with bronze.

We caught up with Robyn and Emma who gave us the inside scoop:-

“Travelling with the GB squad is always an honour, they’re a bunch of dedicated and passionate athletes who always take on board advice and work with the medical staff to stay at the top of their game for not just the tournament but the whole year. I have been with the team for 6 years and this is easily the greatest achievement and hopefully they will go on to prove they can compete at a higher level.” Robyn Crebbin. 

Emma goes on to say “I’ve been a part of the medical team providing rehab and therapy support for Great Britain Women’s ice hockey team since May 2021. We flew to Jaca, Spain in April for the Women’s Ice Hockey World Championships where the team had an intense 10 day tournament, consisting of 4 games and 6 training sessions over the 10 day period. The girls blew the other nations away with an impressive 4 wins out of 4 scoring 17 goals and only conceding 1! The girls have worked incredibly hard on both their on and off ice fitness this season with the aim of winning the gold medal and they achieved just that.
I was fortunate to have another Sport Rehabilitator and a doctor travel with the team to provide the first aid, therapy, rehab and medical support during the tournament. We were lucky that no major injuries were sustained so my role consisted mainly of maintenance treatment and regular mobility flow sessions to see the girls through.
It’s a great opportunity to travel abroad and support a national program and I couldn’t be prouder of what the girls achieved this year, resulting in winning the gold medal and securing promotion into the next pool of world championship.”


Equitable access to high quality community rehabilitation

24 February 2022

Call to prioritise the provision of community rehabilitation services

BASRaT is a member of the Community Rehabilitation Alliance (CRA). The alliance is a partnership of more than 50 charities and professional bodies who are all committed to improving commissioning, planning and delivery of rehabilitation. It is in this shared endeavour that we have signed this letter to Lord Kamall, clearly setting out the need for tangible measures to ensure that rehabilitation services are at the heart of developing future NHS services.


The alliance’s priorities are 
· To gain political commitment to delivering universal access to rehabilitation to meet needs
· Improve the quality of rehabilitation through new models, better data collection, planning, commissioning and delivery of services.

View the letter here.

Updated Infection Control Guidance for BASRaT registrants

23 November 2021

BASRaT Guidance to registrants: Infection control and operating procedures for the control of seasonal respiratory infections (including Covid-19)

BASRaT Guidance to registrants: Infection control and operating procedures for the control of seasonal respiratory infections (including Covid-19) is available to view


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