A guide for aspiring BASRaT Members

What is continuing professional development?

The term Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is used to describe the process to maintain, develop and enhance skills, knowledge and competence in order to continually improve your clinical ability.

Demonstrating continued professional development is incredibly important, because the demand for quality, accountability and efficacy of practice has never been greater. It is essential that Sport Rehabilitators can demonstrate that they are keeping abreast of new knowledge, techniques and developments related to their professional practice; so you can prove that you provide the best quality service to your clients.

What are the BASRaT CPD requirements?

In order to maintain BASRaT membership you may be selected to demonstrate an up-to-date CPD profile or portfolio which reflects your practice and the needs of those whom you work with. Therefore each individual's CPD needs will be different and this will be accounted for during an annual auditing process. Although no minimum requirement is needed in terms of hours of CPD, it is important that CPD is continuous, specific to your current and possible future roles and reflects an improvement in your practice as a GSR.
Please note that a valid First Aid qualification is required for insurance purposes

What courses are suitable and how are they credited?

At the present time attendance on any relevant clinically related course/workshop can be claimed against CPD requirements. Each individual course will be taken on merit and the worth of each course in terms of CPD suitability depends on several criteria: the course tutor(s); the academic level of the course; the nature of the course (lecture/practical) and if the course was examined (with proof of passing being required).

How is CPD recorded?

All members are required to maintain their own CPD record and have the option to do this via their own Member home page within and using BASRaT guidelines and templates. This enables the member to compile a summary of their CPD attendance which the BASRaT CPD Officer will then assess during an annual audit of members' records.

What if I wanted a career break?

If for some reason members have to or want to stop practicing for a period of time, then the CPD requirements remain the same. If that period out of clinical practice is longer than 24 months you would need to reprove your competency. (conditions apply)

Who do I talk to about CPD?

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of CPD, please read all the information on this website before contacting the BASRaT CPD officer via the contact page.

Full members may be able to access further detailed information regarding CPD by logging into the Members Area.