Rugby Football League IMMOFP Course Information

Who can attend?

New Doctors or Physiotherapists have three months to successfully complete an IMMOFP course, or until the first available course if there are no courses available within this time frame. IMMOFP courses are in demand therefore please book well in advance to obtain a place on a course to suit renewal needs.

Please note that Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Sports Rehabilitators and Sports Therapists must all successfully complete IMMOFP before entering the field of play.

Re-Accreditation & Re-Certification

The IMMOFP qualification now has to be reaccredited with recertification in year 4 as set out below. Reaccreditation will be required for all candidates qualifying for IMMOFP courses from January 2018:

YEAR 1 Two-day IMMOFP course
YEAR 2 One-day refresher course
YEAR 3 One-day refresher course
YEAR 4 Two-day IMMOFP course

Medical staff have two months from the date of expiry to reaccredit their qualification (or until the first available course if there are no courses available within this time frame) or they will be prohibited from entering the field of play.

Individuals should check their certificate for the expiry date. The RFL will send out reminders to remind individuals of the expiry date of their IMMOFP qualification and to advise on the dates of forthcoming courses. However, keeping the qualification up to date and booking on a course in time is a personal responsibility for medical staff.

Individuals whose qualification expires in 2018 will have to attend the full two-day course as per Year 1 of the cycle.

IMMOFP Course dates 2018

1 JANUARY Thursday 18th & Friday 19th
2 FEBRUARY Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd
3 MARCH Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th
4 MAY Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th
5 SEPTEMBER Thursday 6th & Friday 7th
6 OCTOBER Friday 5th & Saturday 6th
6 NOVEMBER Wednesday 7th & Thursday 8th


All courses will be held at The Provident Stadium, Odsal, Bradford, BD6 1BS.


The cost for the two-day course will be £500 for staff currently employed by an RL club and payment will be made via a deduction from the clubs Central Distributions. Independent candidates must pay for the course in full (£700) via cheque or BACS 6 weeks prior to attending.

Booking Process

To book your place on the course please complete the attached Application Form and return via e-mail to with the accompanying paperwork.