Simplifying Resistance Training - Making the uncomplicated, uncomplicated…

25 June 2019


 “Uncomplicated Resistance Training and Health-Related Outcomes: Evidence for a Public Health Mandate”

Dr Stuart Phillips and Richard A Winett wrote the above review on resistance training for an American journal almost ten years ago but it is still pertinent today. Dr Phillips recently tweeted “Sets, reps, ROM, free weights, machines, time between sets are variables that most mere mortals should worry less about and just practice going to the gym - preferably regularly - to get stronger. Nothing fancy, other than access, commitment and
knowledge of benefit, needed?”


The review looked at resistance training and cardiovascular health, changes in body composition, RT and TDT, what more resistance training can do and shifting towards an intrinsic resistance training model.

Resistance Training can seem like an intimidating and confusing term to some, simplifying the messages and encouraging regular workouts could be key to motivation. Watch this space for more information coming soon!

Read the full review here