The latest issue of BJSM has been edited by BASRaT

24 June 2020

BASRaT's Chief Exec Steve Aspinall and Chairman Allan Munro talk about Opportunities to improve Global Health in this edition of BJSM edited by BASRaT.

As always, BJSM is packed full of relevant editorials, reviews and original research including a contribution from Sport Rehabilitator, Marlize De Vivo to an editorial on physical activity and pregnancy. This edition also includes:


- Run for your life: tweaking the weekly physical activity volume for longevity

- Attacking the pandemic of physical inactivity: what is holding us back?

- Bump start needed: linking guidelines, policy and practice in promoting physical activity during and beyond pregnancy - Marlize De Vivo

- Exercise alone and exercise combined with education both prevent episodes of low back pain and related absenteeism

- The aerobic exercise prescriptions and their effects on markers of cardiovascular health and systemic inflammation in patients with knee osteoarthritis.

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