02 July 2021

The current issue of BJSM is edited by BASRaT Chief Executive, Stephen Aspinall

Compiled, written and edited by BASRaT Chief Executive, Steve Aspinall, The July 2021 edition of BJSM is an invaluable read. 

Steve focusses on both treating the patient in front of you and the power of language: integrating research into effective clinical practice, 

          Figure 1             Figure 1

This edition also includes:

EDITORIAL - Knee arthroscopy: evidence for a targeted approach - this thoughtful editorial by Robert LaPrade and his Orthopaedic colleagues discusses the science underpinning knee arthroscopy, the importance of a sound clinical assessment along with giving real consideration to the individual patient in front of you 

REVIEWS - Comparative effectiveness of physical exercise interventions for chronic non-specific neck pain  


- adherence to physical activity recommendations for 11–22 years and risk of all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality - why it is never too late to increase your activity levels 

- Time-efficient intervention to improve older adolescents’ cardiorespiratory fitness


- Eight Investments That Work for Physical Activity: infographic, animation and call to action (left) - a whole systems approach is crucial for improving population health and underlines the importance of collaborative working

- When is abnormal normal? Reframing MRI abnormalities as a normal part of ageing (middle image)

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