Enhance your Concussion knowledge

26 August 2021

Vital Courses and Resources


  • 90% of sports-related concussions take place without the individual losing consciousness.
  • After a concussion, athletes are 3-4x more likely to sustain another within the same season
Ensure your concussion knowledge is up-to-date with the resources provided below. A number of high-profile concussion cases have highlighted the consequences of head injuries and a recent report from the House of Commons DCMS Committee has strongly recommended a national UK protocol for concussion and best practice. We will keep you updated on all aspects of best practice.

The key message - If in doubt, sit them out.

Links for Healthcare Practitioners
  • England Rugby Headcase Guidance, and e-learning modules View  
  • Headcase Extended Guidance – How to identify and manage suspected  concussions, spot suspected concussions and potentially reduce the risk View
  • The FA’s Concussion Guidelines Interactive module How to recognise and manage a concussion from the time of injury through to a player’s safe  return to football. Visit  
  • The FA Concussion Guidelines - View  Guidelines PDF - View
Links to help educate participants in sport
  • The FA's Concussion for players film: lessons from the pitch. An educational tool for players and coaches, first hand stories of players putting themselves at risk   whilst concussed. View 
  • A useful link to provide to those suffering from concussion. The information will help both people in the early stages of recovery and those who experience ongoing problems. Mild head injury and concussion | Headway