BASRaT's BJSM Edition

20 June 2022

Supporting patients to fulfil their potential

BASRaT's Chief Executive, Steve Aspinall, has edited the July edition of BJSM. Steve's editorial focuses on a patient’s future health and working to influence system-wide change and legislation, supporting patients to fulfil their potential. This is an exceptional issue of BJSM, view the articles below including the warm up from Steve, original research and discussion and spotlighting Freehab - BASRaT's Registrar, Ollie Coburn, discusses Freehab. The issue includes -

Steve's Warm Up Evolving roles of medical and healthcare professionals: where do we go from here View

Editorial Set-piece approach for medical teams managing emergencies in sport: introducing the FIFA Poster View

Research Sleep & physical activity in relation to all-cause, cardiovascular disease & cancer mortality risk View
Device-measured physical activity, adiposity and mortality: View

Cardiorespiratory fitness and mortality from all causes, cardiovascular disease and cancer View 

Reviews·Effects of school-based activity programmes on activity levels, health and learning View 

Muscle-strengthening activities associated with lower risk and mortality in major non-comm diseases: View

Discussion Exercise in the maintenance of weight loss: health benefits beyond lost weight View

Service spotlight Social enterprise model for more equitable musculoskeletal care: introducing Freehab View