New Pregnancy Questionnaire Tool

Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Sport Rehabilitator Marlize De Vivo, Co-Founder of The Active Pregnancy Foundation, collaborated in the questionnaire creation

Overcoming concerns and identifying those who should seek medical advice before exercise

The Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy identifies the small number of individuals who should seek medical advice as a first step to becoming or continuing to be physically active during pregnancy, and to help the majority of healthy pregnant individuals overcome any concerns they have with getting or staying active.

Sport Rehabilitator Marlize De Vivo, collaborated with this effort which recognises the importance of continued physical activity and acknowledges the role of healthcare and qualified exercise professionals in facilitating an active pregnancy.

"Is it safe for me? Will it harm my baby? These are questions often asked by women when becoming pregnant. And whilst research has shown that the benefits of being active during pregnancy far outweighs the potential risks, some women might need to consult with a healthcare professional before taking part, and in some cases, will benefit from additional monitoring, support and guidance from a qualified exercise professional. The Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy removes the uncertainty around these decisions and empowers women to take ownership of their own health
and wellbeing.

It has been an honour working with Dr. Davenport and the CSEP team on behalf of BASES and the Active Pregnancy Foundation to align this screening tool to the United Kingdom’s physical activity guidelines.. Dr Marlize De Vivo, PhD / CEO & Co-Founder, The Active Pregnancy Foundation