A multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation:

Wednesday, 01 March 2023

Collaboration within the medical team at St Mirren FC

A recent CSP article highlights how physiotherapist, Jacqueline Hamilton works alongside GSR and Head of Academy sports science and medicine, David Hartley. They provide a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation at St. Mirren Football club near Glasgow. 

"We all bring different views to provide a safer and more effective return-to-play process" JACQUELINE HAMILTON, PHYSIOTHERAPIST

Collaboration for rehabilitation

'The expansion of our team to include a sports scientist, strength and conditioning coach and sport rehabilitator working with our four physiotherapists, meant the way to provide seamless rehabilitation was to reduce barriers and collaborate'. DAVID HARTLEY, SPORT REHABILITATOR

The CSP case study details the important roles that each member of the team plays,, providing players with the best of their combined knowledge and skills. Read more here - Case study: St Mirren Football Club | The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (csp.org.uk)

Physios taking patients through their paces at St Mirren Football Club         Physios David Hartley and Jacqueline confer