Collaboration with NHS England

Tuesday, 17 October 2023

Pulmonary Rehabilitation workforce planning

Over the past year, BASRaT has been working with NHS England on Pulmonary Rehabilitation workforce planning for the NHS. These outputs are now being published on the Future NHS Collaboration platform and should be in the public domain soon. 

One of the outputs includes information for the wider healthcare team and commissioners about BASRaT registered Sport Rehabilitators, providing guidance and context surrounding the education, knowledge, and skills that we can bring to understaffed areas like pulmonary rehabilitation to help make a real difference to patients. A large part of this work obviously included discussions detailing our registration and regulatory processes, which are incredibly important as we continue to work more extensively with the wider multi-disciplinary team.

Sport Rehabilitators have a distinct knowledge and skill set that can make a hugely positive difference to a wide variety of patient populations, especially in areas like pulmonary rehabilitation.