The International Arrangement for the Athletic Training, Therapy and Sport Rehabilitation


The International Arrangement (IA) for the profession of athletic training and athletic therapy plays a key role in optimising care, injury prevention, rehabilitation and supporting the rights of patients and the public to achieve their potential to live well. The IA ensures comparable best practices, quality education and professional standards. The IA provides an opportunity for Athletic Trainers, Athletic Therapists and Sport Rehabilitators to be mobile on a global scale by creating a pathway to challenge each other's credentialing examination.

The current credentialing organisations included in the IA are Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland (ARTI), BOC (USA) and Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA). Additionally, the British Association of Sport Rehabilitators (BASRaT) is in the process of accumulating exam data and as a result, has been granted provisional acceptance into the IA. Organisations who have met all criteria except the exam requirements may be granted provisional acceptance into the IA.

Education and Credentialing

The International Arrangement organisations, in collaboration with International Consultants of Delaware (ICD), participated in an analysis of education and credentialing standards. The IA organisations, via cooperation and collaboration, established its minimum educational standards for the IA. These standards serve as a benchmark during the process of credentials evaluation conducted by ICD to ensure that entry-to-practice skills and competencies as an athletic training and therapy profession have been acquired by the applicant. This is done through a detailed analysis of academic courses, syllabi, continuing professional education, and other related activities that describe the applicant's cumulative knowledge, abilities, behavior, and expertise.

The outcome of the evaluation identified areas that are considered gaps. The following high level identified may be helpful as you prepare to apply for an IA organisation exam.

The current credentialing organisations included in the International Arrangement are

  • ARTI
  • BOC
  • CATA
  • BASRaT

Become Credentialed

Who Qualifies?

Anyone credentialed (certified or registered) by an International Arrangement organization (ARTI, BOC, CATA) qualifies and may submit an application to challenge the exam of any other International Arrangement organization. An announcement will be made once BASRaT gains full acceptance into the IA.

How to Become Credentialed


  • Visit appropriate website for detailed instructions.
  • Begin the application process for the organization in which you want to be credentialed.
  • International Arrangement organization will direct applicant to the website of International Consultants of Delaware, Inc. (ICD) to complete an evaluation.
  • Complete the ICD application (Tutorial)
  • ICD will provide an evaluation report to the applicant and the International Arrangement organization.
  • The International Arrangement organization will determine exam eligibility based on the evaluation report.

Click on the appropriate International Arrangement organization below for details on how to challenge their exam:

Visit the BASRaT website for updates on their International Arrangement status

ICD Portal

The ICD Portal is for International Arrangement organisations only. Applicants looking to become credentialed by an International Arrangement organisation, need to begin the application process on the appropriate IA organisation website.